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The story of Porntip(namguan) according to the word " Origin of Delicious, more than 70 years " begin...

          In 1940 ,Father " Huihor " and Mother " Aeng " who is a starter and begin a Product of Korat business named " Namguan Factory " that mean river fall from north to south that relate to Thailand is located at the south of China refer to Father " Huihor" who migrate from China to Thailand.

          We begin the business with family style. we almost produce the products to sell at Yaowarat Road in Bangkok and Bangrumpu also. The products still have no branding

         In 1972 , Mrs " Porntip " Tantitadapitak , the eldest sister who succeed to the business family with other brother and sister support, begin to bring technology to improve and develop the factory with original classical traditional recipe from family,  products have more quality, good hygiene and variety. We decided to build the brand " Porntip(namguan) " for easy recognize and open the two stores. The first one is in front of the factory, On Mittrapharp road , PTT crossroad near The mall department store Korat and the store. The second is at Klongtoey near Praharuthai convent school and Penung market in Bangkok.      

      Nowadays, Mrs Porntip and team have researched and developed many pork product of Korat to have more standard and quality continuously. We have Sliced crispy pork, Flossy pork, Chinese sausage, Roasted pork, Sliced spices pork, Golden pork stick, Rice cracker with flossy pork , Shrimp cracker with flossy pork. The signature product is Fancy crispy pork (Pork stick), we produce from pork to snack. It's also have more protein than other snacks and the latest product is Thai pork jerky, The jerky cooked with smoke flavor and juicy texture. 

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